Colorado's Healthcare Heritage

A Chronology of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

This website supports the book titled Colorado's Healthcare Heritage — A Chronology of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Volume One: 1800-1899.

It's important to note that this website supports the book, but does not reproduce pages from the book. The information in the book is arranged in chronological order. Everything that happened in 1893, for example, is all in one place. This first volume only covers the nineteenth century.

This website has an almost completely different approach from the book — it presents dozens of overviews that bring together information about a single topic over a period of years. This is also where you'll find the most recent version of the book's bibliography as well as updates to the information in the book.
Colorado's Healthcare Heritage Colorado's Healthcare Heritage — Volume One: 1800-1899 is now available in softcover and as an eBook. Click the image on the right for a larger image of the book's cover
Volume 1 — 1800-1899
Published April 16, 2013 — Buy Now

Volume 2 — 1900-1929
Volume 3 — 1930-1949
Volume 4 — 1950-1974
Volume 5 — 1975-1999
This chronology of Colorado's healthcare heritage was written for two reasons — to honor our healthcare pioneers, and to provide background and inspiration to 21st-century Coloradans so that we can chart our healthcare future wisely.

This easy-to-browse chronology is also a fresh take on Colorado's history, on the development of scientific medicine, and on the political, economic, and cultural environment in which our first healthcare-delivery systems developed nationwide during the nineteenth century.

Crowdsourcing — that important tool familiar to social media users — can make it possible to publish improved editions. Like so many of Colorado's early hospitals, Colorado's Healthcare Heritage in Context can be a community project. Corrections, amplifications, and clarifications are published in the Updates section of this website.

Colorado Designed If you would like to make sure that a particular 19th- or 20th-century nurse, physician, or surgeon — or someone who was an administrator or exceptional employee at one of Colorado's healthcare facilities — is included in future new or revised volumes of my books, please contact me at book [at] coloradohealthcarehistory [dot] com.

My Twitter account is @ColoradoHealth.

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