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Sisters at Mercy Hospital, Denver — 1929

Beginning in 1873, eighteen different communities of Catholic Sisters ran hospitals in Colorado. Here's a list of the Sisters of Mercy who were on the staff at Mercy Hospital in 1929, along with an indication of their duties:

  1. Sister Mary Sebastian Hennessey — superintendent of Mercy Hospital
  2. Sister Mary Evangelist Meyers — superior of the Sisters
  3. Sister Mary Alacoque Houle — sacristan
  4. Sister Mary Andrew Tobin — pharmacist
  5. Sister Mary Augustine Fahey — floor supervisor
  6. Sister Mary Austin Moran — bookkeeper
  7. Sister Mary Bridget Koen — floor supervisor
  8. Sister Mary Catherine Shea   floor supervisor
  9. Sister Mary Clotilde McNamara — sewing
  10. Sister Mary Columba McCloskey — sewing
  11. Sister Mary de Lourdes Dwyer — operating room assistant
  12. Sister Mary Dolores Clifford — supervisor of employees
  13. Sister Mary Dorothea Croke — bookkeeper
  14. Sister Mary Fidelis Villere — night supervisor of nurses
  15. Sister Mary Gerard Finn — supply room
  16. Sister Mary Gregory Fleming — x-ray technician
  17. Sister Mary Helen Wood — kitchen supervisor
  18. Sister Mary Ignatius Orr — superintendent of nurses
  19. Sister Mary John Walck — sewing
  20. Sister Mary Joseph Dinan — priests' and doctors' dining rooms
  21. Sister Mary Laurence Langdon — student nurse
  22. Sister Mary Louis McManemin — laboratory technician
  23. Sister Mary Mark Swift — pharmacist
  24. Sister Mary Martina O'Mara — floor supervisor
  25. Sister Mary Michael Hennessy — floor supervisor
  26. Sister Mary Monica Gibbons — floor supervisor
  27. Sister Mary Nicholas Orr — choir director and nurses' library
  28. Sister Mary Perpetua Merget — student pharmacist
  29. Sister Mary Peter Fowle — 1st assistant and procurator
  30. Sister Mary Raymond Rooney — floor supervisor
  31. Sister Mary Regina Foley — sewing
  32. Sister Mary Stanislaus Coyne — operating room supervisor
  33. Sister Mary Thecla Murphy — laboratory technician
  34. Sister Mary Thomas Holland — records clerk
In addition to the Sisters on the list, there were about a dozen more Sisters of Mercy who were in residence at Denver's Mercy Hospital in 1929 — convalescing or in training, for example.

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