Jewish Healthcare Institutions in Colorado

2. Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society

In June 1904, Dr. Charles David Spivak and his associates on Denver's west side established the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS).

The JCRS sanatorium was located on land donated by dairy owner Louis Robinson — in what is now Lakewood — just north of West Colfax between Newland Street and Pierce Street. Today's Casa Bonita restaurant is on the southwest corner of what used to be the JCRS sanatorium and farm.

  • 1904 — In September, the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society opened a sanatorium on West Colfax that principally treated Denver's Orthodox Jewish tuberculosis patients who were unable to pay for treatment.
  • 1954 — The Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society changed its mission to cancer research and became the American Medical Center.
  • 2005 — The AMC Cancer Research Center, as it's now called, became affiliated with the University of Colorado Cancer Center

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