Jewish Healthcare Institutions in Colorado

4. Beth Israel Hospital

Beth Israel began in 1920 as a residence for Jewish seniors on the northwest corner of West 16th and Lowell Boulevard, near Sloan's Lake. It replaced a Jewish senior citizens' home at 14th and Canosa that had opened in 1905.

  • 1920 — Beth Israel residence opened.
  • 1923 — Beth Israel added a 50-bed general hospital.
  • 1946 — The hospital's new Beth Israel Home for the Aged opened.
  • 1964 — Beth Israel Hospital opened a new 132-bed hospital on the southwest corner of West 17th Street and Lowell Boulevard; its home for the aged was turned into a 50-bed long-term-care facility.
  • 1987 — St. Anthony Hospital bought Beth Israel Hospital and renamed it St. Anthony Pavilion, where St. Anthony's senior care services were centralized.

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