Jewish Healthcare Institutions in Colorado

5. General Rose Memorial Hospital / Rose Medical Center

In 1944, Maurice Shwayder — one of the founders of the Samsonite luggage company — and some of Denver's Jewish physicians and community leaders began to raise funds for a new Jewish general hospital on the east side of Denver.

Benefit performances by entertainers including Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Al Jolson, Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, Jimmy Durante, Danny Kaye, Kay Kyser, and Groucho Marx — and a $30,000 donation by members of General Rose's 3rd Army Division — aided the fundraising effort.

  • 1944 — Maurice Shwayder, Dr. Sol Bassow, and many others began planning and raising money for the new hospital.
  • 1945 — Major General Maurice Rose — whose family had moved to Denver when he was an infant, and who had attended East High School — was killed in the line of duty while leading the first group of American troops to enter Nazi Germany.
  • 1947 — The board decided to move forward with the design and construction of the new hospital, and to name it in memory of General Maurice Rose.
  • 1949 — The 250-bed General Rose Memorial Hospital opened at 4567 East 9th Avenue, a few blocks east of Colorado Boulevard.
  • 1977 — The name of the General Rose Memorial Hospital was changed to Rose Medical Center.
  • 1995 — Rose Medical Center was sold to Columbia/HCA of Nashville, Tennessee for $170 million, which was used to establish the Rose Community Foundation.
We have more about the origin of the General Rose Memorial Hospital.

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